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What is BUTTER?

BUTTER is a hybrid Fried Chicken, Hip Hop, Champagne and Sneaker venue. We are not a restaurant; we are not a bar; we are not a retail store. We are a Culture. We are where street meets luxury, and this goes for all parts of our business.

We want every single customer to feel like family. You never know what will come out of every relationship you make in life, so be great to everyone! 

At BUTTER, we live by four pillars, Fried Chicken, Hip Hop, Champagne & Sneakers.

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Our Food

Fried Chicken

We pride ourselves on producing fresh, quality food - simple and elegant, not gimmicky, with American and South East Asian influences. Our Executive Chef, Julian Cincotta likes to call it simplistic elegance!

For the bigger groups who want to share, we also have Size 13’s and the Boom Box. And finish it all off with our famous Hot Cinnamon donuts!! Crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside.

Where possible, our meals come in our stylised food-grade shoe boxes! However, to ensure we can minimise waste, only the larger meals come in these boxes for eat in.

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Our Music

Hip Hop

Hip Hop represents our music pillar as we love hip hop - as the saying goes “hip hop raised us.” From old school, golden age of hip hop like Wu Tang, Biggie Smalls, 2 Pac, to all new age hip hop, we try to celebrate hip hop in all its forms. 

Over the years we have been blessed to have been visited by a number of local and international hip hop acts, starting with Wu Tang 2 weeks after we opened the first shop in Surry Hills. A few of the names that visited within the first 2 years include:

Post Malone

A$AP Ferg

Wu Tang Clan


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Our Drinks


We have a large range of Champagne and Bubbles - from the cheap and cheerful Chandon’s to the classy and expensive Dom, and a wide range in between. 

We also serve a range of cocktails, wines, beers and non-alcoholic beverages that pair well with the food we serve. 

While we serve a range of beverages, we decided to focus on champagnes as the representative component of our drink pillars as it very nicely portrays our street meets luxury ethos. And the crisp acidity and bubbles in the champers works very well to balance the fattiness of the fried food. 

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Our Fashion


We sell a curated range of clothing and accessories, focusing on a small number of brands that we believe in. We produce a range of BUTTER branded apparel, which are all designed in house, made in small runs only and produced locally.

We also sell sneakers! They are usually rare and collector’s items and we treat them with the respect they deserve. All the sneakers we stock are on consignment, which means we do not own them and when they sell, we pay the owner the sale price.

We have chosen the sneaker culture as the representative component of our fashion pillar as it very well sums up what we love most about fashion! We love our kicks!

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