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Butter Ramen Club Special

Burnt Ends Chicken Hot Ballz Ramen

The 3rd special of the Butter Ramen Club Tour by Nick Smith. Contains a crispy fried chicken tender, a burnt-end glaze, tasty butter, black fungi, thick noodles, chilli & a marinated 1/2 egg!⁠ Available now via Takeaway, Delivery & Dine-In! 

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Butter Ramen Club

Match the warmth of our Ramen, with our newest Butter Ramen Club winter set. Join the Butter Ramen Club now!

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Sandwiches & Burgers

The O.G. / fried chicken thigh, dashi butter, pickled cucumber

Cheezus / fried chicken thigh, double cheese, lettuce, honey mustard

Master Spice / fried chicken thigh, spicy mayo, pickles, double cheese, fire hot sauce

BLTC / fried chicken thigh, bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese, thousand island dressing

Hot Charcoal Chicken Roll / ramen gravy, mayo (exclusive to Parramatta & Chatswood locations)

Biggie Shroom (v) / fried mushroom, french onion mayo, lettuce, fire hot sauce

Spicy Haloumi (v) / fried aphrodite haloumi, spicy mayo, coleslaw, fire hot sauce

Double Smashed Burger / double smashed beef pattie, cheese, pickles, onion, tomato sauce, American mustard, butter’s secret sauce

Classic Beef Burger / single pattie, cheese, lettuce, tomato, thousand island sauce, tomato sauce

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3Pac Tenders / three fried chicken tenders, fire hot sauce

Size 3's / three fried chicken wings, fire hot sauce

Size 6's / six fried chicken wings, fire hot sauce

Mushroom Pieces (v) / fried mushroom pieces, fire hot sauce

Fried Chicken & Donut / two fried chicken tenders, salted butter,
pure maple syrup on butter’s famous hot donut

Fried Haloumi & Donut (v) / two fried aphrodite haloumi fingers,
salted butter, pure maple syrup on butter’s famous hot donut

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Pickled Cucumbers (v, vg, gf) / tangy pickled cucumber

Classic Coleslaw (v, gf) / creamy cabbage, carrot slaw

Asian Greens (v, gf) / steamed Chinese broccoli with peanut dressing, togarashi, wasabi peas

Green Leaf Salad (v, gf) / mixed leaves, cucumber, tomato, red onion, Japanese sesame dressing

Fried Haloumi Fingers (v) / two crispy fried aphrodite haloumi, fire hot sauce

Ramen Gravy / rich tonkotsu ramen broth, brown onion gravy

Mash & Gravy / butter’s creamy potato mash, ramen gravy

Miso Corny (v, gf) / corn on a cob, miso butter

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Butter's Famous Hot Cinnamon Donut

Apple Pie Bites / hot apple pie bites with cinnamon sugar

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Champagne & Cocktails

Xpress Yoself / Hennessy VS or Belvedere, Creme de Cacao, Kahlua, Frangelico, espresso

Blueberry Sour / Hennessy VS or Belvedere, blueberry, lemon, elderflower

Maurie's Margarita / Hennessy VS, Triple Sec, agave syrup, lime

Hennessy Lemon Ice Tea

Malfy Melon Sour / Malfy Rosa Gin, watermelon, lime

Yuzu Sake Spritz / sake, yuzu, soda, lemon

Aperol Spritz / Aperol, prosecco, soda, orange

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Boxed Up & Bottomless

Butter's Feast / butter’s mini spicy fried chicken sandwich, two crispy fried wings, laces, miso corny, haloumi bite, pickles, coleslaw, ramen gravy, hot sauce

Size 13's / thirteen pieces of fried chicken), pickled cucumbers, three sauces, three hot sauces

The Butter Box / choice of 3pac tenders or sandwich, fried chicken wing, laces, miso corny, pickled cucumber, hot sauce 

Boom Box / four sandwiches, four crispy fried chicken wings, pickled cucumbers, two hot sauces

The Sweet Sweet Box / fried chicken and donut, salted butter, pure maple syrup, nutella laces

Lunch Box / two tenders or three mushroom pieces, laces, miso corny, pickled cucumbers, choice of hot sauce

Bottomless Booze / choice of chandon blanc de blanc, veuve cliquot yellow, hennessy vs ice tea

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