Wear, Stare, Rare.


Jo is a sneaker restorer & customiser based in Sydney. Besides this, one of her other extraordinary skills is playing FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

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I’d love to hear the story behind how you got into sneakers & sneaker culture?

Sneaker culture has always been a part of hip hop and the streetwear/sporting world. Two influential areas for me growing up. Am I a sneakerhead? Yes. But not so much a collector. I buy them and thrash them haha. I have more fun restoring older models and commissioning sneaker customs.

What’s your first choice for ‘WEAR’: sneakers you enjoy wearing the most?

Nike TN Killer Whales

Why did you choose this pair?

The TN is my favourite silhouette, they are one of the most versatile sneakers out there. Growing up I used to shy away from TNs as I thought I didn't fit into its sub-culture, but over time I realised that you shouldn't give a shit about what people think and wear whatever you want!

Now, for ‘STARE’: sneakers you wear to flex & show off your elite taste in sneakers? 

Nike Air Max 1 x Patta Denim CorduroyI actually don't have these, but one day I will.& if I can't, I'll make it myself hahaha

And for your most coveted pair, ‘RARE’ what are they?

Nike Dunk Low Linen Womens

Why are these your grail pair of kicks & how long did it take you to hunt them down?

These were one of the first sneakers I ever purchased with my first paycheck when I was 15 in a boutique store in Paddington. The same day I caught the train and they were stolen right off my feet!(If it was now, I probably would have scrapped haha!)13 years later, my best mate @madebywsa and I were reminiscing on our first pairs and It made me want to search them up. I found one of the last pairs in my size and copped immediately! That nostalgic feeling was incredible. 

Do you have any tips for those new to the sneaker culture?

1. Ask your elders if they have any heat - chances are they'll come back into the rotation 10 years on!

2. Take a walk down King St, Newtown and get to know all the op-shop/sneaker retailers, they're huge sneakerheads and will be able to guide you in the right direction.


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