Sip N Drip: Sneaker Customisation Classes

Coming January 2021 to Butter Surry Hills and Parramatta. These sneaker customisation classes are hosted by elite sneaker customiser, Justin, the founder of Khameleon Kickz!

1. Hi Justin, could you please introduce yourself!

Hi, Im Justin Michael founder of Khameleon Kickz, a custom sneaker, art and apparel brand based in Sydney. I have ran this for the past 5 years, and have been blessed to work with some iconic individuals and brands within the industry. Outside of Khameleon Kickz, I work in business whilst completing my studies to further my career.

2. What is SIP N DRIP and what is your role in this workshop?

Sip N Drip is a partnership with Butter Sydney to bring you the basic understanding of Sneaker customisation. Countless times I have been contacted for help on how to customise, and finally we have a solution to help individuals learn in person the basics to create their own custom sneakers.

3. How did you get into sneaker customisation?

Sneaker Customisation as a business wasn't my goal when I initially started out. I was 14 and needed some extra money for a PS4. I didn't grow up in a wealthy household, we struggled financially, so expensive items were something that weren't given as handouts. I also loved my sneakers, despite not being able to own many at the time. Being a creative kid, I came across the world of customisation, and painted my first pair of Air Force 1’s and flipped them on Ebay.
Ever since then, it fell into a spiral effect, that went from becoming a hobby into a business that is forever growing.

4. Who is your icon in relation to sneaker culture?

Within sneaker culture my Icon is most definitely Tinker Hatfield, being one of the most iconic sneaker designs I grew up admiring. He has definitely played a big part in my design work , and my next years when I look into designing footwear for myself and reconstructing sneakers.

5. What has been your favourite design, collaboration or commission so far?

There have been so many sneakers and collaborative pieces that I have done over the past 5 years, with many not even making it to my social media due to how quick I had to pump them out. Working with influencers, celebrities and brands are always staple pieces since they become 1 of 1’s and never to be made again. These all have special places for me, as the meaning behind them always tells a story.

My personal favourite shoe I ever created was when I graduated high school, I created a pair of Jordan 1’s with Eyes on them, which was apart of a larger 3D abstract artwork for my HSC art major. This holds a special spot as an art piece, as its a story of my life, in terms of the meaning behind the actual pair of sneakers and the illusion it creates.

6. What are you most excited to teach the attendees of Sip N Drip?

I am excited to teach the foundations of customisation to the attendees, as from here the possibilities are endless. There is a whole lot more to learn when it comes to customs, but the journey is most definitely worth it. I am keen to see how people concept their panels and their colour choices, as everyone's perspective is most definitely intriguing.

7. What menu item from Butter are you most excited to try during the workshops?

You can't go wrong with chicken tenders and hot sauce. The 3pac from Butter sounds like a feast for me, and will most definitely be my go to!

Sip N Drip runs three different classes, once a month starting from January 20th.
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