Art. Food. Sneakers. What a combination!

October brings a new front window art display in the Butter Surry Hills imposing front windows. This month the featured artist is Shane Salvador. 

Splitting his time between rural NSW and Sydney, Shane Salvador is an artist working in various mediums including oil, aerosol, visual art and film. 

Portraiture is a mainstay of Shane’s body of work, which is evident through his abrasive but polished style. Street art and murals are something in his repertoire, having been commissioned for a multitude of public and private spaces.

In 2016 Shane was selected along with 5 other writers to partake in the development with Bryan Elsley for an online series Deadlock which went on to win an AACTA award for best online series. More recently he has created his own TV series which has now been optioned by Noble Savage Pictures and has been in development with People Just Do Nothing writers Hugo Chegwin and Allan Mustafa as script consultants. 

In 2019, Shane ventured into music video directing with his debut video “On It” by award winning artists Nadisko featuring Henning. The film clip has been successful in the film festival circuit where it is still being screened, winning a number of awards.

Shane has painted 40 of the iconic Butter show boxes to fill the front window of the Surry Hills venue. They will be on display for the months of October and November 2020.

Shane has used a mixture of oils, aerosol and acrylics in his mammoth Royal Blue Air Jordan 1 piece. Some words from the artist are below on why he chose this classic shoe, that specific colourway, the song lyrics from Mac Miller as the background and mediums for this work.


Q&A with Shane Salvador


Why did you want to do the Jordan 1? And why that particular colourway?

For me these kicks are the ones that started it all, as they say everyone wanted (and still wants to be) like Mike! Even though they were released in the 80s they have stood the test of time and remained one of the best selling sneakers of all time. If you were to create a Mt Rushmore of all the sneakers ever created these would be there front and centre. And I went with that particular colourway cause not only is the Royal Blue AJ1 one of the most sought after, but the black and blue colourway was a no brainer to match the iconic Butter colours.


What's your number 1 tip for beginners using oils?

As they say in any art medium whether it be painting to music to film; no work is ever completed, only surrendered. Due to the fact oils can take a week or longer to dry just don’t be afraid to keep working and reworking the piece until you’re happy with it. That’s the beauty of oils, it gives you a freedom you don’t get with acrylics or any other medium


Tell us something interesting about the medium you used? What was the hardest part of the process?

The whole shoe was done in oils with the background done in aerosol, oil sticks and posca pen. The whole thing was very difficult to paint to be honest - it wasn't like working on a steady canvas. Obviously thick paint, heavy brush strokes on light and unstable empty shoe boxes is a recipe for disaster. However I eventually found my groove - I broke the boxes down and painted the top half first, then took those down, restacked and painted the bottom half.


Why the Mac Miller Lyrics around the edge?

After talking to a friend about the idea of using song lyrics to fill the background, the song was his suggestion. I never really listened to Mac Miller but once I heard the track I instantly fell in love with the Nas sample used as the hook. It then became a bit of a soundtrack for me while I was painting the piece. I also feel the lyrics on the boxes make the piece more emotive, whether they are in their expected full order, sold individually or as a mixed set. Music brings something else to an art piece, and the song worked so perfectly with the subject of the piece 


How would you display this in your home?

My girlfriend is in charge of interior decorating! I don't get much of a say. But her advice is that she would like to see them stacked in a group of four 

The boxes will also be for sale during their display period and will be delivered to their lucky buyers as soon as they come out of the window display. They will be selling for $50 for 1 box or $150 for a set of 4 - and it will all be first in best dressed as they say. These fine art painted boxes look great as individual pieces, a set of 4 boxes together, or a random set of 4 boxes - and there is something for everyone hidden in these boxes, from the fans of classic AJ1 silhouette to the use of fine art oils as the medium on these boxes to the song lyrics from the late Mac Miller in Shane’s original handstyles. All boxes are 1 of 1 originals and never to be repeated.

There will also be an original canvas available for purchase. This canvas will fit right at home in any sneaker heads collection, being an oil and aerosol recreation of the famed Air Jordan 1 Bred (black and reds). 

These Air Jordan 1 boxes and canvas will all be for sale via www.buttersydney.com.au and both will be on display at the Butter Surry Hills location

For any local artists who would like to apply to do a display, please contact Butter at:


So come past Butter Surry Hills, grab one of Sydney's finest chicken sandwiches or maybe a sneaky fried chicken ramen (and a bunch of hot cinnamon donuts!), and grab a pic in front of the new display! You wont regret it! And while you're at it, either start or expand your art collection with the addition of these artworks that are also a small part of history of the Butter Surry Hills location.



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