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Martina Martian is an Australian artist and designer, known for colourful illustrations and graphics. Her signature vibrant style has caught the attention of local and international brands alike, resulting in collaborations with Reebok, Nike, IKEA, ASOS and more! 
As supporters of local creatives, Butter spoke to Martina to discuss her favourite collaborations and what it's like being a young artist in 2017.
What do you stand for as an artist? 
I'm a feminist who believes in positivity and empowerment - this comes into everything I do, including art and design. 
Your work is vibrant and colourful. Is there something that attracts you to it? 
Bright colours encompass everything that I want to be as a person: bright, bold, fun and positive. 
You've worked with a range of sneaker and lifestyle brands. Do you have any favourites? 
My favourite collaboration so far has been with Reebok - they truly let me have creative freedom and took the time to understand me and my work. We worked together from the very start of the project and I created some illustrations I'm very proud of as a result. 


What brand would love to collaborate with? 
A PUMA or adidas Originals collaboration. I'd love to transfer my bright colours and values into the sportswear fashion world. 
In your opinion, what makes for a good collaboration? 
Collaboration as a word has been corrupted by companies in order to get free labour. True, good collaboration is a mutually rewarding experience, where two or more minds work together from start to finish. Both parties need to be fairly compensated in order for a collaboration to be non-exploitative. If you just want to use someone's ideas or skills, hire them and pay them. 
What obstacles do you face being a young artist in 2017?
The most frustrating obstacle for young artists right now is not knowing your worth. Every artist should make a conscious effort to value themselves and see the value of their work. at the very least so they don't undersell themselves. I still struggle with it myself, but my tips for other artists are: a) if you're getting too much work to handle, you're not charging enough and b) what your friend is charging for a gig doesn't necessarily apply to you. You alone can determine your worth and your skills. 
Do you have tracks on you listen to, whilst you are working? 
I usually listen to something chill or instrumental while I work because I find too many lyrics distracting. When I'm really concentrating I'll listen to instrumental Disney soundtracks. 
Lastly, how would you describe Martina Martian in 3 words? 
Bold, bright and under-slept. 

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Check out her Instagram @martinamartian for more of her colourful work! 


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