Rap legend and actor Bow Wow recently came to Australia for a nationwide tour. Whilst he was in Sydney, he came through to Butter, so we took the opportunity to sit down and chat about his career highlights, new album coming out and what people should expect next. 
What would you say has been a highlight of your career?
The one of the most iconic experiences would have to be... there's so many. I performed with Madonna at The Grammys, that was a memorable moment...and working with Destiny's Child of course, one of the biggest females groups of all time. I guess just being able to do my own thing, movies and being able to get popcorn and see myself on the screen. Aside from that man, just living out the dream I've always wanted to do. I'd be here all day trying to count them all. There's been a lot of accomplishments and a lot of accolades through out my career. I'm still young and I'm still going, so there's more things to collect.
So people are expecting one last album from you, what should they expect?
Expect a different sound. I didn't necessarily take 6 years off of music. For me I do more than just one thing. I think a lot of people don't understand that. They demand attention from me to deliver one thing, but then they don't understand that it takes time you know? I'm an actor, I host, I produce and do so many other things. To the people, it's like I abandoned music, but to me, I've been working and doing other things. I did 4 years in TV.
I've been recording and playing around, but I think the new music is definitely different sound. I don't sound like anything like I use to. The music is different, the production is different, the topic is different, the subject matter is way different and it's more current. It's me in the now, it's Bow Wow at 30. So, I cant wait for everyone to listen to it, it's going to be interesting.
You started in the music industry at an early age. What's the best advice you can give to aspiring musicians?
Keep your love ones close. Surround yourself with good people and be very smart.
What are you working on coming up at the moment?
Well, we're getting ready for season 2 of Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta, which is my new reality show that I'm starring in, as well as producing. I have another show coming out, I'm working on right now with the creator of CSI and Mona Scott-Young who's been the brains behind VH1 hit series Love & Hip Hop. So we've collaborated to come together on an incredible project. Y'all going to hear about that one soon. Then I'm going to have my late night show that I'm working on as well. So I have a lot of things going on right now.
The album is done. It's 90% completed, so majority of the work is out of the way. The album was the most important thing . I didn't want to be caught up in the TV thing and not getting in the studio, so I wanted to make sure I've knocked it out first. 
Describe yourself in 3 words.
Confident, Silly and Hungry.


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