We're back with our monthly music feature, and for May we're introducing $EAN'DON. If you came to our EGYBOY X BUTTER Pop-Up Launch Party a few months ago, you might remember he provided us with rap anthems that got us all dancing. 


Based in Sydney, $EAN'DON is part of SWISS DANK, a collective of selectors who focus on contemporary club rap. The crew throw regular Saturday night parties at The Cliff Dive and also have a weekly show 'Midnight with Swiss Dank' on FBi Radio that plays new and underground hip hop, rap and rnb, both internationally and locally.


We caught up with $EAN'DON and threw him some questions!


Do you remember the moment you decided to DJ?
I remember seeing Ajax drop A Milli - Lil Wayne at Field Day 2009 and just seeing the whole festival loose their shit was out of this world. Hearing that track on festival speakers where you can actually feel the music was an experience in itself.


What's the biggest misconception people have about DJs?
That we are human jukeboxes. Just because it's your friends birthday doesn't mean I'm going to play your Bieber requests at a rap party.


What should people expect from your DJ sets?
Expect a lot of new rap bangers peppered with dance floor classics, sweaty dancing and the occasional death pit! For real tho - we threw a Travi$Scott tribute night last year, his show sold out in minutes so we dedicated our monthly Swiss Dank rap night to the homies who missed out. Check it out! - https://www.facebook.com/swissdank/videos/1108996909214351/


What's the most memorable party you've played at and why?
Opening for SKYWLKR (Danny Browns producer and DJ) and hearing him and his crew froth on our set kinda made my night.


If your life was a soundtrack, what album would it be and why?
I could never limit my entire life to just one soundtrack. But Gucci Mane's triple album release Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner would probably come close. I mean hey - without breaky, lunch and dinner we would be screwed right.


Describe yourself in 3 words.
Hungry / Annoying / Comfy


Tell me about the playlist you've compiled. 
Most of the tracks on my playlist are songs I really enjoy playing out and a few of my personal favourites.


Follow $EAN'DON and his crew SWISS DANK via Facebook or Instagram, plus don't forget to check out his SoundCloud and tune into their 'Midnight with Swiss Dank' show on FBi Radio every week! 

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