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Emerging Sydney artist, Phil Fresh is our September music feature. Last week, he released the first single 'It's You' from his upcoming album titled "Excursions of Love" set to be released on October 10th.  As the name of the record suggests, it is set to explore how love plays a role in the lives of two friends who fall for the same girl.
Butter sat down to have a chat with the local MC himself to talk about his debut album, influenced by WWE and his rap pop sound. We also asked him to put together a playlist of his favourite tracks of the moment. 


Tell me a little bit about the story behind the album and how it came together? 
So basically the story is about a love triangle, where two friends (Rocky and Angelo) fall in love with the same girl. I don't actually know how it came together, I just knew that when it came to writing lyrics, for me it was much easier writing about love than anything else. I also like albums that have a story behind them because I get more invested in them. With the story line for this one I'd have to attribute it to all my years of watching WWE and the characters and story lines that were played out on TV. 
Your single 'Its You' is a bit of a turn from previous releases with more melodic vocaIs. Is there a particular direction people should expect from you?
Yea it definitely took people by surprise I guess. "It's You" to me was normal but then I realised that all my other releases I've been rapping on them, so fair enough. With my album 'Excursions of Love' expect a balance of both rapping and melodic vocals. 
What did you grow up listening to and can you remember the first album you bought? 
I grew up listening to a lot of pop music. Like, Human Nature and S Club 7 was my shit. I remember waking up early on Saturday mornings and watching the Top 50 Countdown on Rage. That led me to buying the first CD's I ever bought - Akon's 'Lonely' and Daniel Powter's 'Bad day'.
What would you say are some of your music influences? 
As whack as it sounds, I've actually got a "Mount Rushmore" of musical influences: Kanye West, Pharrell, Andre 3000, Tyler, The Creator. Those artists have their own unique style whether it's in their music production, music videos, fashion etc. I'd like to be at that kind of level one day. 
How would you tell people what you sound is like musically?
It's pop melodies over non pop beats, if that makes sense. It's like if Zayn Malik had his solo album produced by Tyler, The Creator. 
Describe yourself in 3 words. 
Excursionsoflove Comesoutoct10 Pleasedownloadandlistentoitthanks
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