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Kwame, is a rising MC coming out of Western Sydney that everyone should be keeping a close eye on. Last year he got called up on stage to freestyle at A$AP Ferg's show and spat nothing but fire (watch it here). Since then, he's firmly made his mark in the local scene with his 'Lesson Learned' EP and a bunch of other releases. We envision big things coming from the 19 year old. 
Ahead of nationwide shows coming up, we spoke to him about his experience jumping on stage for A$AP Ferg, music influences and asked him to put a playlist of his favourite tracks he's listening to at the moment. 
Last year you freestyled at A$AP Ferg's show in Sydney. What was that like? 
That was insane! It still feels like I hadn't been on stage that night, it was such a surreal moment. I'm forever grateful for that opportunity. 
How would you describe your sound? 
I try to capture what I'm feeling at that exact moment whenever I write music. It's emotionally driven and I try to gain influence from genres such as House, Jazz, Rock, Soul, Alternative, literally anything I'm listening to at the time.
Do you remember the moment you thought music would become a career? 
The thought hit me at a young age actually. When I was in year 9 I started working with my mentor I Digress, who taught me how to produce and make music. From then, I knew I could do it because he showed me how to create. It feels so good to make your own music and express yourself with the sounds, drums and melodies that you think of. 
Where do you draw inspiration from? 
I draw inspiration from literally anywhere, when I'm eating, driving, having conversations with people, sleeping, man even when I'm in the shower! Just literally anywhere really, I'll be working on a project and I'll hear some sound that I accidentally hit, and from that I'm already halfway into a new project because of that one sound. 
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