Egyboy Butter Sydney Portrait

EGYBOY is one of the most exciting emerging artists based out of Sydney. His signature monochromatic block colour work playfully challenges perceptions of pop culture and questions the status of cultural icons, whilst paying homage to celebrated figures such as 2Pac, Warhol and Basquiat.
We're so ecstatic to be stocking his apparel exclusively in Australia and working with him to launch a 3-night pop-up store this week featuring his artworks and apparel that will all be available for purchase. EGYBOY himself will be in store to customize any pair of sneakers brought in as well!
Ahead of the launch, we sat down to chat with him about growing up in Lithuania, his influences and how it all started.
Do you remember the first moment you decided you wanted to be an artist?
It was kind of a natural thing. I have a twin brother and when we were kids, we started copying Donald Duck bubble gum wrapers and then we both went to art school. Art is my life and I believe you can change a lot of things in world with art.
You grew up in Vilnius, Lithuania, how do you feel it's influenced you?
It's a very ghetto place and there's a very darkish mood, so a lot of people are more edgy. Winters are dark and the weather's bad, so sometimes you stay inside and it inspires you to create something nice. All my friends are graffiti artists too, so you can imagine how it's influenced me as well.
Is there a particular focus or inspiration you draw from for your work?
I used to work in advertising, and at night I would always work on my art to escape, so I don't want to create too political things, but rather something with stupid ideas. It's spontanous and it depends on my mood, but I like creating slogans and characters with ideas and mixing it together with new pop icons. Music also inspires me. I always listen to music when creating art. I get really good ideas from lyrics.

Your new collection is titled "LET THE BEAST CONTROL YOUR BODY." What's behind the name?
There's a band called, 2 Unlimited and they have a song 'Let the beat control you body' and my brother and I thought it was a really nice concept by adding an 's'.
Fashion and Art is something you merge together. Why do you feel that it's something that's complimentary for you?
It's such a cool thing, people wearing your art. I studied silk screen and I really liked the technique. It's just fun!
If you could have dinner with any artist living or dead, who would it be?
Keith Haring for sure, FAILE from New York, and David Lynch.
What are you thinking on working on next?
I create contemporary objects as well and I would like to create a surreal dessert.
Lastly, how would you describe EGYBOY in 3 words?


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