VOLTAK’s real name is Hoang Nam Le, AKA the “Live Sound System”, AKA “Mobile Festival."

He is a multi-talented Vietnamese artist currently working in Sydney as a vocal artist, creative director and visual artist. Those who live in the multicultural city are no stranger to his improvised-beatboxing rave parties on the streets, on the subway or in underground events.

VOLTAK is most well known from a viral video of his EDM mix - Beatbox street performance that hit over 300 million views over the world that got him into perform in many big stages, events, festivals in Australia and overseas.



Every weekend the center of Sydney is filled with humming music from clubs, screams of crowds, muted roar of traffic, ambulances, and police sirens. In such a mixture of sound chaos, with just one mic and a powerful voice, VOLTAK transforms the street into an outdoor disco, bringing the multiracial crowd into his own magical sound space, to experience his street rave with the wild and unforgettable music that no musical venues can offer. VOLTAK and his street club have contributed a great part to nurturing Sydney’s night life culture and street art over the years.



Beside his music, VOLTAK is also a visual artist and art director, he was a co-founder of a well-known street fashion brand in Vietnam [Hanoi-Riot] in the early stage of his career. With an unique, diverse, traditional and futuristic aesthetic VOLTAK also has built imagery for a several brands and Australian artists including Deuxronin – a talented hip-hop duo consists of rapper-singer, Monix, and producer, DJ Raijin Kitano.





What is your favourite way to paint? (i.e. something like - organically, having an initial idea and then letting the painting go where it goes etc)

I like to organically have an initial idea and then let the painting go where it goes, but sometimes i just set my mind free from the start without any concrete ideas then just let my hand leads the whole process,

It’s fun to create art spontaneously.


Tell us something interesting about the medium you used? What was the hardest part of the process?

I usually use Acrylic but materials are not my main concern when it comes to creating art, Personally i think the hardest part of the process is know when to stop and finish the drawing, if you are a perfectionist and don’t have a good time management the drawing could go forever to finish.


Where do you draw your inspiration from for your artworks?

I’m really into the Dystopian, Sci-Fi theme so my art is obviously got influenced from it.

Beside the futuristic aesthetic, My inspiration comes from everywhere, it could come from a song, a movie or a personal experience, mostly from what I observe around. 


All of the many things you do (visual art, music, creative direction etc) , whats your favourite creative outlet?

I’d pick music because music allows me to express myself in different aspects thoroughly,  music is the voice that helps  me to connect to the world outside and inside of myself.


These boxes will all be for sale via here and both will be on display at the Butter Surry Hills location

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