Just when you thought the days of Butter’s ever so popular Fried Chicken Ramen was over, Butter is bringing back one last hot, spicy and utterly delicious surprise to the table. Together with Nick Smith, co-owner and executive chef at Rising Sun Workshop, Butter Ramen Club is bringing back the Tantanmen Ramen at Butter. 

Butter’s Tantanmen Ramen is served with Butter’s Fried Chicken tenders, hot and numbing ground chicken in neri goma (sesame) chicken broth with fermented bamboo, pickled wasabi leaf and marinated egg.
First up, Rising Sun Workshop will be running their own variation of this spicy delicious Ramen.

Rising Sun Workshop will be presenting "The Glorious Flaming Pig Tantanmen", featuring hot and numbing rare breed Berkshire pork mince, aburi flamed pork belly, six chillies rayu, pickled wasabi leaf and ajitsuke tamago in a goma pork bone broth.

These Ramens will be available for 2 weeks only - starting this Sunday 6 September (or better known as Fathers Day!). Try them both before they are gone for another year!

To get early access to these amazing Ramens, the two Sydney businesses will be running a raffle HERE to offer 5 people the chance win one of these two amazing Ramens - all the lucky punters need to do is just jump on the website and fill out the form.



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