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Butter has teamed up with Provider Storean online destination specialising in design and homewares inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese minimalistic design on a limited edition hand made "The Ramen Cushion," coinciding with Butter's limited run "RAMEN" c/o Butter Sydney special that has been extended for one more month until the end of September (now also available Sunday - Wednesday all day and Thursday lunch 11:30- 3:30pm). 
Using a premium linen blend fabric, each cushion is hand painted, numbered and sewn by Tara Bennett (creator/founder of Provider Store) with insert made from 100% recycled pet fibre. The cushion is a fun collaboration, drawing inspiration from Tara’s love of all things Japanese, especially ramen. With only a limited number of 25 cushions created in collaboration with Butter, each piece is a unique collectors item, and a must-have for ramen lovers! They are $80 each and sold exclusively on Butter's online store, which you can buy here!  
We went inside Tara's studio and spoke to her about her design making process, inspiration and essentials you should have in your home. 
What about Japanese and Scandanavian culture inspires you?
After travelling to both Japan and Scandinavia, their design and style crosses over a lot. I love that everything is so well thought out, minimal but super practical. I feel like in Japan, people take really good care and have respect for their things. Everything seems to be made to last and there’s less of a sense of “fast fashion” etc.
Do you remember the first time you wanted to be a creator?
When I was young I used to spend hours digging through Vinnies and op shops. I would then take my finds home and alter them with my mum’s sewing machine. When I was even younger, I used to try build things with left over timber in our carport. Needless to say, none of it was ever any good but I have always loved creating things. I should have been a tradie instead of going to uni haha.
When it comes to the designs and conception, how do you usually approach each project? 
Everything I create I actually have in my house. I always carry a notebook around and if I have a good idea, I do a rough sketch so I don’t forget it. I then sit with it for a bit, and if I still like the idea I will begin to create it. Everything I make is something I personally want to own.
You have a “slow made” principle that you go by when you are creating. Could you elaborate more about this process?
Slow made to me is buying into this “slow” lifestyle. In Australia, it’s very trend driven - things are here one day and gone the next. I aim to educate people about how and where the products they buy come from. I basically hand make everything, so it’s slowly created with thought and care. Each of our products are ethically made, with little wastage. They tell a nice story.
What would you consider the most essential items people should have in their homes? 
Anything that brings a nice memory or tells a story. In my house you don’t see that many photographs, but you will see randoms items like ceramic spoons, Japanese incense burners, room spray made by a girl in Paris… each piece ties in together and reminds me of being a kid or of my travels. Creating a space that you feel super comfortable in is important. I also believe scents are a really nice way to relax and evoke familiar memories.
As a ramen lover, what would you like most about our RAMEN C/O Butter Sydney and how would you describe it to other people who haven't tried it? 
Butter’s ramen not only looks incredible but the taste is everything you want in a bowl of this Japanese noodle soup. The fried chicken is like an added bonus to something that already blows your mind. I would highly recommend it to any one who wants a decadent lunch.
You've collaborated with a range of different people. What draws you to collaborations and how do you choose who to work with? 
I’m really into collaborating with people who are doing cool shit and something a bit different. I love working with brands and people that are like-minded but we both bring something different to the table. I work solo most of the time so it’s good throwing different ideas into the mix.
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