The Rocks Pop-Up

Butter x Impossible

Butter is finally coming to The Rocks! And with the launch (finally!) of Impossible Foods in Australia, this will be a very special, never before seen Butter setup!

Butter’s very special location will have a 90 person capacity in the outdoor area at 12 - 20 Playfair Street - just past Argyle Bar and Pony - Butter is going to give you another great reason
to come visit The Rocks.

The menu of the Butter x ImpossibleTM Pop Up will feature an all ImpossibleTM Beef made from plants line-up to showcase the quality of this amazing product. The menu will include the following delicious creations of Butter’s Executive Chef, Julian Cincotta!


Butter x Impossible

The Menu

Impossible™ Cheeseburger: Impossible™ Beef pattie, cheese, pickles, onion, tomatosauce, American mustard, butter’s secret sauce on a sesame seed bun

Impossible™ Classic Burger: Impossible™ Beef pattie, cheese, tomato, lettuce, pickles, onion, tomato sauce, thousand island dressing on a sesame seed bun

Impossible™ Aussie: Impossible™ Beef pattie, beetroot, pineapple, tomato, lettuce, cheese, onion, BBQ sauce on a sesame seed bun

Impossible™ Chilli Cheeseburger: Impossible™ Beef pattie, Impossible™ Beef chilli, cheese, pickles, onion, tomato sauce, American mustard, butter’s secret sauce on a sesame seed bun

Impossible™ Katsu: Crumbed and fried Impossible™ Beef pattie, fresh panko, cabbage slaw, tonkotsu sauce, on thick cut white bread

Classic American Impossible™ Chili Fries: fat shoestring fries, topped with traditional American Impossible™ Beef chilli and green shallots

American Impossible™ Chilli Cheese Fries: fat shoestring fries, topped with traditional American Impossible™ Beef chilli, green shallots and cheese


But don't worry, you will still be able to get our world famous hot cinnamon donuts to finish off your meal!

All breads used in this pop up will be supplied by the amazing Bread & Butter Project - who invest 100% of our profits into helping shape the lives of those seeking refuge and asylum.
Every slice of their delicious artisan bread helps provide training and employment for people seeking refuge and asylum in Australia.

Impossible™ Beef is the award-winning plant-based beef from Impossible Foods. Impossible™ Beef is made from plants and uses 91% less water, 92% less GHG emissions and 92% less
land than beef from cows produced in Australia. Not only is it a far more sustainable alternative, ImpossibleTM Beef has 18.8g of protein per 113g serving and is a wonderful source of iron and delivers 100% of the taste and texture of minced beef from cows... it really is the meat of the future.


This very special Pop Up will also feature a full stand alone bar - called Butter Bar (of course!) - and Butter will be steppin’ out with a star studded supporting crew! This includes long time stablemates Moet Hennessy, to newcomers to the Sydney scene Atomic Breweries. Also coming on board is Charlie and the team from Rambling Rascals / Double Deus who have created three sexy Hennessy and Belvedere cocktails to be exclusively served at the Pop Up.

Where: Shop 23 and 24, 10-26 Playfair Street, The Rocks Square, The Rocks, 200

When: Public opening: Friday 11am November 26 202

Operating hours: Thursday to Sunday - 11am - midnight (except Sundays 10pm)



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