At Butter, we have been admirers of what Ben & Jerry’s have been doing for years. From their amazing branding and innovative flavours, to their strong stance on world current events like fossil fuels, to the founders getting arrested at a Democracy Awakening rally in the US recently, we see them as a force for good in the current crazy world. Plus, as the icing on the cake, their Chunky Dunky Nike SB Dunk might be one of the best sneaker releases of 2020!

So with this sentiment in mind and just in time for summer, we are over the moon excited to announce that we are launching a Ben & Jerrys scoop store within our very own Butter Parramatta venue!! 

We will be offering up a curated selection of 9 Ben & Jerry’s unique flavours, in cones and cups, mingled in within our BUTTER retail and seating space in the upstairs of the Butter Parramatta venue. 

And of course we will be adding the Butter twist onto the already awesome B&Js products, by combining them with some of your favourite Butter products - just when you thought our Famous Hot Cinnamon Donut couldn't get any better, you can now get it smothered with your favourite B&Js flavour! Now you can have your donut and ice cream too! 

We will also be launching a Salted Steamed Bun Ice Cream Sandwich to rival the very best you have ever tasted! Our very special ice cream sandwiches will be your choice of up to 3 B&Js flavours, on Butters famous steamed milk buns with salted butter! Soft, creamy, satly, sweet, sometimes crunchy, cold and a little bit warm all at once! Mmmmmmmm!!!!

However, Surry Hills is not being left out - we will have the Ben & Jerry pints and 120ml prepacked options available for instore and delivery. Surry will also get the Salted Steamed Bun Ice Cream Sandwich, but just with less flavour options unfortunately. But still no less delicious!

The Salted Butter Steamed Bun Ice Cream Sandwich will only be available in store at Butter Surry Hills and Parramatta from Friday 30 November. Pints and 120ml will be available in store and on our delivery platforms.


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