Deep-dive into one last epic, spicy Fried Chicken Ramen as one of Sydney’s Ramen masters makes a Butter Ramen Club guest-chef Ramen at Butter, available for 4 weeks only. 

Just when you thought the days of Butter’s ever so popular Fried Chicken Ramen was over, Butter is bringing one last hot, spicy and utterly delicious surprise to the table. Together with Nick Smith, co-owner and executive chef at Rising Sun Workshop, Butter Ramen Club is introducing the Tantanmien Ramen at Butter.

Nick Smith, executive chef at Rising Sun Workshop, has created his version of a Tantanmien Ramen Soup. Tantanmien is a traditional noodle dish born in the Sichuan province of China, known for its spicy foods. It was originally made with dry noodles, but when it made its way to Japan the dish transformed to the now more known Tantanmien Ramen Soup. 

Traditionally made with beef or pork mince and Sichuan pickles, Nick is changing it up using ground chicken and a deep, rich, sesame based chicken broth. The traditional Tantanmien Ramen is spicy, and Nick’s version is no exception, using Japanese sesame tare (sesame flavouring) mixed with Rayu (a Japanese chilli oil). 

The Tantanmien Ramen is served with Butter’s Fried Chicken tenders, hot and numbing ground chicken in neri goma (sesame) chicken broth with fermented bamboo, pickled wasabi leaf and marinated egg.

The Tantanmien Ramen will be on the menu at Butter for 4 weeks, starting on Tuesday the 3rd of September. It will be available at Butter’s Surry Hills and Parramatta locations, as well as Butter x Mrs Sippy, Double Bay.


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