Butter Presents: The Sauce ft. DJ Mowgli May & DJ K-Time



On this very special edition of Butter Presents, we are commemorating our very first visit by an international hip hop act (Ghostface, Raekwon and RZA of the infamous Wu Tang Clan no less) on 24 February 2016. Just 2 weeks after we opened the doors to the very first Butter site in Surry Hills, we are releasing a saucy new package to get you all sticky.

We are paying homage to the influential “The Source” magazine, a staple of all hip hop heads world wide that first released in 1988 and has helped keep hip hop front and center ever since. We have recreated three famous front covers in our own saucy style, of artists that are honoured on the pages of our menus. These include:

  • The 3 Pac - 1 crispy fried chicken tender, 1 thigh and 1 wing - in honour of Tupac. 
  • The Biggie Shroom - a crispy fried field mushroom with french onion mayo, OG hot sauce & lettuce, on a steamed potato bun - in honour of Biggie Smalls.
  • The OG - a crispy fried chicken thigh fillet, with dashi butter on a steamed potato bun - in honour of ODB of the Wu Tang Clan.

To celebrate, we interviewed two hip hop heads, DJ Mowgli May and DJ K-time.

Can you both please introduce yourselves & your involvement in Sydney’s music scene?

K-Time: Hey, I’m DJ K-Time! Busy in the syd scene but also do a lot of interstate gigs!

Mowgli May: I’m Mowgli May a DJ and presenter on FBi Radio. I also help out at Heaps Decent here and there. I’m a Capricorn, a lover not a fighter, and my pronouns are she/her/hoe 💕

How did you both get into DJing?

K-Time: Honestly taught myself in high school and played in my bedroom but was trashhhhhhhh 🤣 Got better over the years and started doing parties/private events and then soon found myself heavy in the club scene ! 

Mowgli May: I was always into music as a kid and in high school but I got into DJing just messing around at FBi. They have a pre-record studio which has the whole club standard DJ set up in there just ready to go at all times and I would go in and practice for hourssssss it was so fun to me. Then I REALLY got into djing when Birdcage, this Wednesday weekly party for lesbians and queers, put on a DJ competition.
My friend got me to enter and I ended up winning which I really didn’t think I would I’m so serious! Jacqui Cunningham who runs that party and other queer parties in Sydney ignited my whole DJ career I wouldn’t be here without her or the
Sydney alphabet rainbow fam community, I will say that all day with my whole chest!!

What genres are your favourite to play? 

K-Time: I honestly started djing on hardstyle, moved to electro house before I dove into hip hop, Rnb, Afrobeats and dancehall. More recently I love playing out future beats edits / heaps of unique remixes I find and or make. 

Mowgli May: Hip hop/rap/rnb/vibey Soulection-y stuff. I’ve been lucky enough to be on support for Kaytranada and Metro Boomin so I just say I’m a lovechild of those two haha

Who are your favourite rappers from the Golden Age of hip hop and why?

K-Time: I would say naughty by Naughty by Nature, Craig Mack, Joe, Cam’ron. I honestly just love their flows, bars, and the mood I get in listening to them.

Mowgli May: It’s gotta be Dr Dre for me, starting off in NWA and then going on to be one of the most legendary producers of all time! Also Gang Starr – Rite Where U Stand is THE ONE I used to be obsessed with this track!! DJ Premiere production and so much attitude in the lyrics, the lines are sharp.

Who are your favourite Aussie artists to bump at the club?

K-Time: There’s too many but I would say; Kennyon Brown, Kwame, Youngn Lipz, Rydah, Zpluto, Manu Crooks, B Wise, Day1

Mowgli May: If clubs were open I just know that B Wise/One Four collab, Won’t Stop would be going OFFFF right now “brra-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa…..GANG GANG!” like come on so fire!

I’ve been doing pretty much every gig EXCEPT CLUBS so it’s a wide scope of what you can play and make it work, I love playing some BillyMaree, Lara Andallo, Jessica Jade, Becca Hatch, A.GIRL, The Kid Laroi in my sets. Cabu and XNYWOLF edits also go down nicely, Sydney FOREVER!!

I dream of the day when clubs reopen and together in unison everyone cyclones
their drink to Hooligan Hefs – Send It!

What do you miss the most about playing at parties & clubs without restrictions


Mowgli May: OMFG WHAT DON’T I MISS❓❓❓ I miss running into regulars and other djs/hospo workers/fave seccies every single goddamn weekend, we’re a community! It’s like high school you see each other every day and hang out at recess and lunch (I guess the DJ version is getting a post gig feed 4AM in Chinatown) and now NOTHING!

I miss seeing sexy fun people bussing down, getting the dance floor heaving, now you can’t even dance! I miss the people and feeling of community most! I am hopeful tho things seem to be slowly coming back.

Lastly, what’s your favourite sauce + menu item combo at Butter?

K-Time: The Butter Box with hot sauce 🤤

Mowgli May: The Master Spice HOT AF, I want it spicy spicy spicy!! Washed down with a vodka blueberry sour yummm.


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