Butter Presents: Jada



Re-introducing our Butter Presents series, where we go one-on-one with creatives, musicians and personalities on a local and international level. This week we caught up with Jada (@skitzjo), and picked her brain on her craft, tastes and style!


Hey Jada! Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do?

I’m an energetic young creative and a singer so you’ll usually find me working on my original music or gardening when I’m at home OR you’ll see me linking up with other artists making content! I always have loads of fun collaborating with other creatives on their projects! :)


And how did you get into the creative scene?

I have a lot of friends who are creators and supporting them with their ideas and events has given me a lot of opportunities to mingle with loads of likeminded people. Somewhere along the way people have come to know me for my silly energy, and the enthusiasm and support I bring to their creative ventures!



Who’s your biggest style inspiration?

The biggest influence on my styling will always be anything that I can feel comfy and 100% confident wearing, I’m pretty active so I’m happy with any outfit I have total mobility in. That usually means I’m wearing skate brands or clothing designed for athletes since these garments can handle my level of wear and tear! With all that said my biggest style inspiration is probably my boyfriend since I’m always stealing his clothes 🤦🏻‍♀️



How did you find the latest Chinatown drop? How would you style these items for Spring?

Absolutely loving the Chinatown shorts! Nothing beats a comfy pair of ball shorts, they’re a closet essential for the heat of spring AND they’re not too long so they’re perfect for all my short ppl!!

I’ll probably style them simply with either a sports bra, singlet or crop top and a good pair of sneakers 


What’s your favourite menu item at Butter?

The OG CHICKEN SANDWICH with a bit of that sweet bbq sauce on the bun hits the spot in any weather! 🤤


Interview & Photography by: Jazel Jozic (@jayyyslays)



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