Butter Presents: Dante Knows


On this week's Butter Presents series (where we go one-on-one with creatives, musicians and personalities on a local and international level) we caught up with the talented Dante Knows (@dante.knows). who will be performing live at Butter Parramatta this Saturday (Click here for more info!)


1. So Dante, do you know everything?

I hope not too. I do know, I want a fat blunt of gelato 41 at the moment.


2. You started in New York working within the fashion industry, what have been the main cultural shifts moving into the Sydney hip hop scene?

Honestly Everything. The industry in New York is far more competitive as anyone could imagine. My hustle had to be in overdrive at all times. I went from fast days with a vampiric sleeping schedule to nature walks and less  contaminated air quality.



3. How would you define the way you style yourself? How did you find this Chinatown Market drop?

I style myself based on mood and weather. I like the quality on this Chinatown drop it’s interesting. It’s definitely the basketball jerseys for me though.


4. Do you have any direct fashion influences? 

I'm influenced by threads. As long as the designer’s creativity matches my style then I’ll wear it. Rick Owens, Margiela, & Pyer Moss are some perfect examples.



5. How about music? 

Respectfully, i influence myself when it comes to everything. If I’m influenced by anyone/anything it’s definitely subconsciously. I feel most comfortable as myself.


6. Do you have a vision for your community? What would you like to see it become in the next ten years? 

I’ve lived many places so ‘my community’ is widespread, but in the future i would love too install a massive set of solar panels in both Guyana & Jamaica.



7. Lastly, what’s your favourite menu item at Butter?

I'm glad you asked - that honey mustard sauce is craccnina øn H CuHz.



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