This is a collaborative art piece between Butter Sydney (@buttersydney) by way of Executive Chef Julian Cincotta (@julianvcincotta) x Sydney photographer Cole Bennetts (@colebennetts) x Butter founder and artist Manoli Politis (@manolo.tha.maker) 

Food and art are close to our hearts; and as they say “the quickest way to the heart, is through food…”

At Butter we think of every piece of food we serve as an artwork. It must not only look good but satisfy the heart, soul and in this context - the appetite. This is a notion Executive Chef, Julian Cincotta has instilled into his whole team.

Cole Bennetts is an internationally published and renowned photographer, who manipulates the mundane into high art.

...and Manoli, well he sees art in everything.  


Together, we want to illustrate the connection between food and art, art and food and the dramatic theatre of the table. Food is representative of the finality of life. And we especially feel this connection is even more present when referring to the takeaway art form of food.  

We feel strongly that food and art has been separated for too long. In our minds they are both the one thing. And just because you can eat something, does not diminish its quality as a piece of art. In fact, we think it heightens it as it needs to be appreciated before it is gone. Food is life. Art is life. 

And now, more than ever, with the changes in the way people are eating - at home, maybe more often by themselves, lacking the previous variety they may have been used to experiencing - we feel the appreciation of food as art is even more important. The simple and often overlooked takeaway meal is an artwork that you receive and is then taken away... 

Hence, Giveth and Takeaway

Bon Appetit 



Butter Ramen Club by way of BUTTER SYDNEY


3/140 Marsden Street, Parramatta

6 Hunt St, Surry Hills


Despite the current uncertain world, we all need to continue on with as much normality as possible to get through these difficult times. So we couldn't go through this Butter Ramen Season without a corresponding fashion release! And, not to blow our own horns or anything like that, but we think this might be our favourite release yet (and we really really loved both previous releases!)


Based on the art series described above in the “GIVETH + TAKEAWAY” section, Butter is releasing several of the images from the series as this year's Butter Ramen Club release. 



Since the release of Butter’s Fried Chicken Ramen to acclaim in 2018, we have released a corresponding tee-shirt series for each year. This time, for the first time ever, Butter Ramen Club is back as 2 hoodies!


Taking this link between food and art as described in the above section even further, we are now releasing food on wearable art! Instead of making prints of these works, we are using them in different ways. Ways that get more use. Ways you can wear everyday. Ways that we feel correspond better with the art of takeaway food.  


The hoodies will be released in very limited numbers and will be available for sale both online and instore at both Surry Hills and Parramatta locations from Thursday 28 May 2020. At $80, they are a steal! 


These hoodies are high quality, digital screen prints, hand-made right here in Australia by our good friends at Ssweatshop on their Australian first digital squeegee machine. The hoodie is a warming 340gsm cotton blend. Perfect to keep you toasty in these coming cold months. 


To get your hands on one, click here to purchase or head instore to:

Butter Surry Hills - 6 Hunt Street, Surry Hills

Butter Parramatta - shop 3 / 140 Marsden Street, Parramatta




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