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Anwar Washington aka Anwar Carrots is a name synonymous with the streetwear scene in LA. His label Carrots by Anwar Carrots, known for its vibrant designs and carrots logo motifs, is becoming one of the most recognisable streetwear brands right now. From collaborating with Puma to partnering with retailers, Anwar is all about quality. 
We speak to the busy man himself to chat about the inspiration behind his latest collection, advice on starting a brand and what happens on a typical day. 
Talk us through your inspiration for the new Carrots SS17 collection.
The inspiration behind SS17 is simple - the Carrot Machine. A control of quantity, Carrot Machine is necessary when everyone is hoarding carrots. You can kick start the buying and selling of carrots in small doses or large doses when need be. 
When did your interest in fashion and design first begin?
Started as a kid watching my dad get fresh, along with me wanting shit people didn't have.
As the founder and creative director, could you tell us what happens on a typical day in the life of Anwar?
My typical day starts off with a Madrone, make sure my wife is good, go through my emails to see what new opportunities are at hand, FaceTime Chandler to start on new shit, and converse and go back and forward on new ideas. If I have any travelling or meetings I go do what I gotta do, otherwise my day to day is just like that...repetition.
In a market saturated with so many labels, what do you think is the most important thing that sets a brand apart from others, especially with Carrots by Anwar Carrots such a successful brand?
Focusing on what's important in your World and it getting lost in all the other distractions in the World. I'm pretty much creating my own World and focusing on making my World a better place for me and being in it.
You've collaborated and worked with a range of iconic brands like Puma, how does that process usually work and what makes for a great partnership to you?
For me, I rock with whomever rocks with me. In most situations I just let the game come to me, and going back to the previous answer of staying focused on Carrots and Carrots only. I feel like I put that energy into the universe and it comes back to me in a positive notion.
Where do you hope to take Carrots by Anwar Carrots in the future?
I hope to be best friends with Target. I try not to put a ceiling onto what that means but I would love to exclusively produce goods at a commercial level. Target and Uniqlo do it the best to me. I want the world to be able to wear or use Carrots products at an affordable price and also having the quality at 100%. Until then, just to keep riding with the waves and not against it.
What's the best advice you can give an aspiring creative or someone who wants to start their own label?
Be prepared!
Lastly, what's your top 3 tracks on your playlist right now?
Playboi Carti- Half & Half
Future- Turn On Me
Playboi Carti- No. 9
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